You’ve worked hard for and invested time and money in your cabinets, but did you know that you can now make them work for you, too? 


Holiday home decor automatically makes your home’s atmosphere feel more bright, cozy and inviting. It also gives you a chance to show off your style and add a personal touch to each season. Holiday decor also is simple, highly customizable, and fun! Show off your personality and sense of style! Not only does it brighten up your home, but it also draws attention to your cabinets.

Holiday Cabinet Decor for Spring and Summer


Holiday Cabinet Decor


The chances are that when you think of spring, you think of pastels and florals. And for summer, that might morph into bright, tropical colors or fun prints and patterns. Regardless of which season you’re going into, the name of the game for spring and summer decor is airy and colorful.


As with any holiday decor, the key lies in organization, tastefulness, and personal style. If you’re aiming for a more minimalistic look, you’ll want to avoid tchotchkes or kitschy decorations. Instead, opt for a more neutral or diluted color palette and choose holiday decor that encompasses the spirit of the season or holiday without appearing too cheesy.


If cute, classic, and family-friendly is the feel you’re aiming for, bring in the tchotchkes! A few of these types of decorations, when organized and not cluttered, are sweet and fun to work with.


Decor Ideas for Easter


easter kitchen decor


In the name of spring, you have a multitude of routes to choose from when it comes to meshing the season with the Easter holiday. You can stick with pastels, florals, and wall art with cursive lettering, for example, to achieve an airy yet welcoming feel. If you want to be more specific to the Easter holiday, opt for the classic eggs, bunnies, and chicks.


  • Plant terrariums and succulents. Great for any spring-themed cabinet decor, these can be either real or fake plants. If you have glass cabinets, hang a couple of terrariums from the inside. 
  • Vases with flowers. Fake or real, it doesn’t matter — flowers are bright, cheerful and classy. Vases also are a quick and easy decoration to place on a shelf for spring-themed holiday mantel decor.
  • Egg displays. Did you dye Easter eggs with the kids this year, or do you have a collection of ceramic eggs? Display them!
  • Wreaths. Good for any season, wreaths are highly customizable. Add some flowers, small plastic Easter eggs, or some pastel-colored ribbons to transform a wreath into a springtime decoration.


Decor Ideas for July 4th


July 4th Decoration


As we transition into summertime, July 4th is always a fun holiday to decorate for — and relatively easy, too. Stick with the classic red, white, and blue to add touches of patriotism to your cabinets. You can’t go wrong with donning America’s colors for the Fourth!


  • Place a bunch of small American flags in a basket. You can fill the rest of the basket with marbles, rocks or garland to add to the decoration and help hold the flags upright. These look adorable either displayed in a glass cabinet, or on top of a cabinet.
  • Pinwheels. You can repeat the same idea with Americana-colored pinwheels for another set of cabinets.
  • Americana garlands. Modern holiday decor is abundant at just about every store you go to, and the odds are that you’ll find red, white and blue garlands or string lights this time of year. Hang it around the top of your cabinets. Garlands also are great for holiday mantel decor.


Holiday Cabinet Decor for Fall


Fall is all about the leaves changing, and the colors that come with it — orange, red, brown, and gold. This rather neutral color palette makes holiday home decor a breeze since the colors go well with most color schemes and home decor themes.


Decor Ideas for Halloween


halloween decor


Whether your personal taste is for cute and kitschy or neutral yet spirited, there are plenty of options for Halloween


  • Pumpkins. One can never go wrong with pumpkins for Halloween! You can buy cute jack-o-lanterns with tealights and set them inside or on top of a cabinet. For holiday bathroom decor, another option is to purchase small, neutral-colored pumpkins and set a few around a fall-scented candle in the bathroom.
  • Orange, purple, and black. Do with the classic Halloween color scheme what you wish!
  • Skulls, ghosts, and spiders. Use some store-bought spider web to make fake spider webs inside your cabinets for a spooky feel. Add in some ghost silhouettes and plastic or ceramic skulls, and you’re set for Halloween.


Decor Ideas for Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving decoration


  • Make a “thankful wreath.” Cut out leaves from construction paper, write one thing you’re thankful for on each and glue them together around a paper plate with a hole cut out in the middle. Add string and hang on your cabinet doors.
  • Fake leaves. Spread some neutral-colored fabric leaves inside your cabinets.
  • Buy small signs or decorations emblazoned with fall-themed sayings, such as “thankful,” “happy fall, y’all!” or “family.” Place these inside or on top of your cabinets. Many modern holiday decor items and signage are of the neutral/distressed farmhouse style, which makes for perfect, cozy fall decoration.


Holiday Cabinet Decor for Winter


The winter color palette varies, but many would call it merry and bright. Ranging from reds, greens, and golds to blues, silvers, and whites, there are many options when it comes to choosing your winter color palette — and the corresponding decor.


Decor Ideas for Christmas


Christmas Decoration


  • Stockings. Perhaps the easiest Christmas decor, you can buy stockings of all sizes at your local store. Decorate each one with a family member’s initial and hang them on your cabinet doors.
  • Don’t forget about your bathroom when spreading some Christmas cheer! Use basic Christmas decorations as holiday bathroom decor. Add some twinkling lights inside your cabinets or hanging up around them. You can also add a wintery-scented candle, but avoid putting lit candles inside cabinets.
  • Christmas garland. Wrap some red, gold, or silver ribbon around plain green garland and hang it up over your cabinets for instant Christmas cheer.

Decor Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day


  • Candy hearts. Empty a few boxes of candy hearts into a clear glass bowl and display it inside your cabinet.
  • Heart-shaped string lights. These are easy to find around this time of year at most craft and big-box stores and are an adorable way to add some love to your cabinets.
  • Pinks, reds, and purples. Do with this color scheme what you will, as it is perfect for Valentine’s Day! A simple color palette is one of the easiest ways to dress up your home for the holidays.