Your closet is a living monument to your wardrobe, housing all the pieces you’ve collected over the years. It’s a place where both designer brands and obscure vintage finds can cohabitate as part of the unique collection of all things you.

This is why it’s essential to make the most out of this space’s design. A walk-in closet, specifically, allows you to have everything in its right place, with some much-needed room to let your clothes, shoes, and accessories stand out.

Are you looking to freshen up your closet space with a modern look that’ll stay fresh for years? Here at PEDINI Miami, we’re experts in stylish contemporary storage designs, closets included, and we’re here to guide you on how to revamp your wardrobe to suit the latest trends in walk-in closet design.

What Does the Modern Walk-In Closet Look Like?

Modern Walk In Closet Look

Though you’ve probably watched videos of celebrities showing you their lavish and spacious luxury walk-in closets (or Cher’s futuristic closet sidekick in Clueless), not everyone leads the same lifestyle.

Still, this doesn’t mean you cannot achieve the same effect at home on a smaller scale (maybe without all the diamonds and expensive shoes, of course.)

A modern walk-in closet usually consists of hanging racks, shelves, shoe displays, and some mirrors for trying on outfits and figuring out what works best for you. Keeping these basics in mind will allow you to customize your closet to best suit your style and design needs.

Popular Trends in Modern Walk-In Closet Design

Modern Walk In Closet

Some of the most popular trends for walk-in closet design today are all about maximizing storage with shelves and offering cozy spots in which to lounge inside the closet.

From luxury closets filled with dazzling chandeliers to smart, modular closets, there are so many different ways to add tons of life into this often-overlooked space.

Modern and Stylish Walk-In Closet Design Ideas

Walk In Closet Design

Like any room, a walk-in closet has a life of its own, meaning there are many creative ways to style it. Here are five tips we recommend, which will turn your wardrobe closet into your favorite spot at home.

#1 Your Own Little Island

luxury closet

If luxury is what you desire, why not adds an island to the center of your closet? Granted, you will need a larger closet for this. But if you have space, an island will serve as a center to layout clothes and even fold them when bringing them back from doing laundry.

A walk-in is much more than just a storage closet, so why not amp it up with this idea?

#2 Experiment With Different Materials

 custom made closet

Modern designer closets are all about sleek and stylish doors, shelves made from glass, wood, and more. You too can achieve this sophisticated style through some of PEDINI Miami’s expertly-crafted closets.

PEDINI Miami also offers custom-made high-quality Italian cabinets and more to help you build out the wardrobe of your dreams. We work with highly-trained designers and installers, and our materials are imported straight from a factory in Italy, so you know you’re getting the very best in luxury storage design.

#3 Incorporate Seating

special walk in closet

If you want your closet to be a conversation piece at home, why not add some seats into it? After all, who said there are any rules to customizing your closet?

A comfy stool or some chairs will not only come in handy when you’re putting on your shoes, but these will also be great for your friends to join in and help you pick out an outfit for a special date or fancy occasion.

#4 Max Up A Small Closet

Small Closet

If your room only has space for a small walk-in closet, don’t fret. There are many ways to still open the area up with light and mirrors.

Mirrors will always come in hands inside your modern small walk in closet because they’ll allow you to see how your clothes fit you and make any necessary tweaks to your outfits. But on top of this, mirrors can create the illusion of wider space in any room, which is perfect if you’re looking to make space feel larger.

#5 Use Open Storage to Show Off Your Best Pieces!

Open Storage Closet

One of the hottest trends in design right now is open storage, which is all about showing off what you own instead of hiding it behind your closet doors.

Shelves can serve as walk-in closet organizers and displays for your shoes and even decorative pieces, like sculptures and flowers.

PEDINI Miami’s luxury shelves and storage cabinets are designed with this trend in mind. We also make custom modern wall units if you want to create a special place just for your designer sneakers, winter coats, or anything you feel deserves a display that’s just as luxurious.

Closet Design Tips

Closet Design Tips

Whatever tip best suits you and your closet, there are a couple of extra pointers you should keep in mind when planning out your new closet space.

Try to maintain a consistent style to your wardrobe with a color scheme of your choice to bring out the best in your closet.

Do your clothes follow a specific style or color scheme? Are you a goth, 50s style enthusiast or a savvy businessperson? Your closet will naturally reflect all of this, so don’t shy away from adding a much-needed personal touch to every inch of your home’s design structure, no matter how small.


A luxury walk in closet is more than just where you store your clothes. It’s a sacred space, that like any other in your home should look its finest so that you can feel your very best at home as well.

While these tips may have provided you with some much-needed inspiration for your specific closet needs, we know that this is only a preview of all you can do with your closet space.

PEDINI Miami’s quality Italian furnishings, along with our care for our clients, makes us one of the leading luxury designers for wardrobes in Miami.

We’re always here to help you on your closet journey, so feel free to contact or visit us online for more information on our custom closet spaces and shelving designs.