Look around any modern room or in-store furniture display, and you’ll spot this trend. From open clothing and shoe racks to fancy pantries and china shelves, this sleek and clean look is a fun and creative way to showcase your personality and curate a display of your most prized possessions. PEDINI Miami’s assortment of handcrafted Italian cabinets and displays rejoice in this trend and encourage its sense of customization and open space. But how exactly do you style this effortless look at home to get the same effect you’ve seen in the magazines? And what are these modern designs all about?

Modern Storage Designs?

Modern Storage Design
From shelves to luxury walk in closet closets, there are many modern ways to optimize your storage space while delighting in this trend. With open storage, you can reduce clutter and bring new life and purpose to the items that make up your everyday life at home.

What Are Open Storage Designs?

Open storage designs
Open storage designs play with the concept of getting an inside look into what you’re storing in your home. This means everything from your towels and plates to your cherished vinyl records, much like books stacked on a shelf. This gives your belongings as much importance as any other piece of furniture or decor in your home. It also saves you time and is a clever way to keep your items neatly curated and always in your sight.

Tips for Styling Open Storage Designs

If you’re looking to incorporate open storage designs into your home, there are plenty of sources of inspiration you can borrow from online. But to truly make it your own, here are a few simple tips we recommend for styling them.

Tip #1: Look Around for Inspiration

kitchen accessories
Take a quick look around your home and see if you already incorporate open storage at home in some capacity for some inspiration. For example, mason jars in the kitchen are a crafty and eco-friendly way to avoid plastic waste and shop in bulk for grains, pulses, and more. Baskets are another smaller example of how keeping things in your sight can not only keep things tidy but also cute. Take these smaller examples to illustrate your vision for your home and what you hope to display with your open shelves and cabinets.

Tip #2: Start Small

Going all out and decking your entire home with open storage shelves might sound like a great idea, but if you’ve got no idea if the look will suit your home or work with your items, try starting out with a simple shelf at home.
PEDINI Miami’s modern storage cabinet are a great starter to bring out a modern edge and show off your decor.

Tip #3: Curate Your Display

If you’re a collector of any kind, be it comic books, figurines, films, or vinyl records, open storage allows you to treat your home like a museum. Switch up your display by having your favorite book or record of the week, hanging out front and center on your shelf.
wall entertainment center
If you’re looking for a more personal display, PEDINI Miami also builds custom wall units so you can have the entertainment center or bar display of your dreams.

Tip #4: Keep It Clean

modern closets
The beauty of open storage is it asks of you that your items are presentable. So if you’re looking to switch from having your clothes hidden in the closet to out and hanging on an open clothing rack, try picking out your favorite items to display on the rack. You could either choose to donate or sell the items that are not as presentable or simply store them back in the storage closet for other occasions.

Tip #5: Play With Color

custom wardrobe closet
Are you a minimalist or a fan of bright colors and funky patterns? Play with different styles and color schemes depending on your mood or the season. If you own different china sets, like special ones for the holidays, you could also show these off on an open wall storage cabinet.


Your home is a sanctuary, so why not make it as you as possible? Open storage design frees up your space by taking down the doors that once covered your cabinets and closets. Let your items stand out and keep your rooms looking as stylish as ever!