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Consider your bathroom as your own in-house spa. It should be a space where you enjoy spending time. Making your bathroom space both functional and aesthetically pleasing, enables you to truly relax and pamper yourself. 

Bathrooms are one of the more expensive rooms in your house to renovate, as there are plumbing costs and fixtures that have to be installed on top of electrical, flooring, and other expenses. While the cost of bathroom remodels may seem daunting initially, it’s most certainly worth the investment. It’s important to keep in mind that cutting costs during the remodel will likely lead to more repair costs down the road. Investing in quality materials will not only make your space look great, but also make it long-lasting.  

A bathroom remodels’ cost can vary widely depending on the space’s size, the materials you use, and other factors. The below is a guide to give you a general idea of the average cost of a bathroom remodel. 

Modern Bathtub and Shower Remodel Costs

Modern Bathtub and Shower Remodel Costs

Industrial loft style bathroom 3d render,There are white brick wall and polished concrete floor decorate with black steel tube,Furnished wood furniture.

A clawfoot or freestanding soaking tub is the best way to relax after a long day. These beautiful tubs will also elevate your bathroom’s look, making the space look modern and elegant. The average cost for tubs ranges between $900 and $4,000. 

Walk-in showers are elegant, functional, and a great way to open up your bathroom space. A beautiful tile and a rain-style showerhead will make your daily hygiene routine a luxury experience. The average cost for a shower installation is between $1,800 and $6,900. 

Costs for Sinks and Vanities 

Costs for Sinks and Vanities

Stylish vessel sink on light countertop in modern bathroom

Vanities come in a variety of styles, shapes, and materials to meet your desired look and functionality needs. Simplistic lines and compact shapes can make vanities look sleek and elegant, and wood and lacquered finishes offer a contemporary yet timeless style. Bathroom vanities can cost between $400 to $3,800. 

Whether square or round, vessel, or under-mount, the right sink can take your vanity space to the next level. For master bathroom remodel ideas, consider his-and-hers sinks to simplify getting ready in the morning. The average bathroom sink costs between $100 and $1,110.

Toilet and Other Plumbing Costs

Toilet and Other Plumbing Costs

a modern bathroom in a newly converted rebuilt house

The best modern toilets will completely transform and elevate the look of your space. Modern toilets are also technologically advanced for maximum functionality, from touchless flushing options that prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, to duel-setting flushing mechanisms that enable you to control the power and water used when you flush. The average toilet costs between $150 and $1,500

When it comes to your toilet, comfort is vital. When picking a toilet for your new bathroom, it’s important to find one that is as comfortable as it is stylish. 

Costs for Flooring and Walls 

Costs for Flooring and Walls

When you remodel a bathroom, your walls and flooring play a major role in the space’s overall look. When it comes to bathroom flooring, there are many options to choose from. Tile is the most popular flooring option for bathrooms, and porcelain and ceramic tile offer durable and waterproof options. The average cost for bathroom flooring is between $600 and $3,600. 

For a modern look, consider sophisticated and neutral-colored tile patterns. Interesting shapes in marble and shades of white and gray bring the perfect balance of understated and impactful to a bathroom, making it look instantly more chic. Adding small hexagonal floor tile patterns creates the illusion of size and depth, making a small space appear bigger. 

When it comes to the walls, painting or wallpaper can cost between $100 and $350. If you opt for tile walls, it can cost between $230 and $625. For a modern bathroom, go bold with deep blues or a patterned accent wall, or keep it sophisticated and neutral with white or warm beiges. 


This article can help you get an idea of the average cost of a bathroom remodel, but it’s important to keep in mind that prices can vary depending on your own unique goals. To better understand how much your dream bathroom will cost, call the design experts at PEDINI Miami for a free consultation and estimate. Our team will work with you to make your dream bathroom a reality.