Moka Living Space

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Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Pedini provides customers with Italian-designed furnishings of the highest standard and style. Pedini’s process gives clients the most personalized and trustworthy service in the industry while keeping them informed each step of the way. Pedini Miami’s design team aims to create the best possible design solutions mixing superlative functionality and design with top-spec materials for the ultimate living statement. Pedini Miami’s design style aims to be functional above all else so that their homes are not only aesthetically pleasing, but suited for clients’ everyday life.

Moka Kitchen Space

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Pedini Italian kitchens flawlessly integrate and cantonal and stylish kitchen into every modern Miami home. Each kitchen within Pedini’s extensive collection showcases an exciting place to cook and allows clients to simplify the design, selection and improvement process.

The Moka kitchen collection, for example, is a flexible and functional system with simplistic cabinetry to complement the architectural details of the client’s living space. The Moka Collection is Pedini Miami’s most popular due to the fact that it is a design system with infinite compositional possibilities. Thanks to the wide range of finishes and careful technological research, Moka represents the perfect link between kitchen and living.

The Moka also incorporates Pedini’s eclectic and industry-leading cabinet offerings. Their cabinets are at the root of design and technology in service of functionality. The Miami-based firm creates appliances that can serve multiple functions for a luxury home.

Moka wall units

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Omnia Gemini Closet

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When it comes to Pedini’s walk-in closets, the Gemini collection is second to none and technology is the star of the show. Its prerogative is one step ahed of the rest thanks to an ultra high-tech integrated lighting system, producing a visions that clearly exploits each and every detail. The extremely versatile rack solution enables clients to create the closet of their dreams by combining the classical lines of the frame with the design of its last generation components.

The secret lies in the closure mechanism which features sliding doors, as well as how the color is matched. The flamed oak wood pairs effectively with the grey metal finish of the aluminum component. Its beauty is enhanced but the smoky glass effect mirrors.

Bathroom Gola

Photo Credit: Pedini Miami

Pedini Miami provides luxury Italian sensibility to its custom bathroom cabinet pieces. An excellent example of this, is the Gola bathroom collection. Gola is an elegant and timeless design that interprets contemporary style. The sleek patterns breathe own new life, complemented with lacquered colors and accessories.

Eclipse Bedroom Furniture

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The Ambra collection of the Eclipse bedroom furniture offerings by Pedini Miami boasts an original, tailored design. With its simple, clean look, Ambra features a series of integrated, curved drawer handles that add a sense of warmth and welcome to any environment. Ambra also comes with a set of specific features, such as metal or self-standing feet, making for a super chic environment.

So, from the kitchen, to living spaces, to closets and bedrooms, Pedini Miami has functional and flexible furnishing that will suit any kind of client or lifestyle. If you wish to learn more about Pedini Miami, CLICK HERE.

Moka Living & Kitchen Space