After the past year spent mostly at home, house decor in 2021 has become more important than ever. Decorating is about so much more than visuals. Instead, home decoration is a way to create a comfortable, functional living environment that contains multitudes.

Home offices have sprung up out of living rooms and closets, work out rooms from spare bedrooms, and outdoor spaces have become more valuable than ever before. Some of the best design trends in home furnishing encourage this kind of versatility while minimizing clutter. Whether you’re just browsing for inspiration or ready to discuss creating your own personalized space with PEDINI Miami, let these 10 new home decor ideas inject innovation into your renovations.

2021 Home Interior Decorating Ideas

2021 Home Interior Decorating Ideas

Natural Elements

If you’re lucky enough to have space for an outdoor kitchen or dining area, you’re probably already familiar with the concept of mixing indoor and outdoor elements in one space. In 2021, bringing natural elements into interior living areas is an effortless way to make a space feel fresh. If you’re hopeless with house plants, don’t despair – there are more ways than one to usher in the great outdoors. Adding a sculptural woven accent piece can evoke an organic feel, or else try redesigning window areas to welcome in more natural light. 

Multi-Purpose Living Rooms

Whether you’re creating an entertainment center, a custom bar, a games room, or a home office that doubles as a lounge area, the living room can serve many purposes, depending on your lifestyle. Consider a layout that flows seamlessly from one activity to the next, using neutral colors to counteract clutter. You can also delineate spaces using area rugs and set furniture off the walls to make a multi-purpose room feel larger. 

Organic Modern House Interior

According to industry leaders, organic modernism is a current house decor trend that’s “more architectural than decorative.” Understated and effortless, organic modernism uses clean lines, warm textures, and natural finishes to create a sleek yet lived-in space. Matte finishes alongside mohair textiles are examples of what makes organic modernism feel warm and inviting instead of imposing. Curved furniture softens layouts in living rooms. Browse PEDINI Miami’s Brezza collection as an example of this kind of refined minimalism in the bedroom. 

  • Modern Kitchens

Recent research shows that 71% of people say that they expect to continue cooking at home more often than not moving forwards. With homemade meals so popular now, it’s become more important than ever to have a functional, enjoyable kitchen space. If you’re considering redoing only one room of your home, the kitchen should be the top contender. PEDINI Miami modern kitchen design, and ergonomic cabinetry with modern appliances, bring Italian style into the house’s most important room. 

  • Shades of Beige

If you think beige is boring, think again. Designers consider it an easy way to add warmth, depth, and tone to a living or bedroom area. Taupe and sand shades bring dimension to a space, warming up an otherwise stark or cold color palette of whites and greys. Beige also perfectly complements natural accents, making a room feel comfortable yet sophisticated all at once. 

  • More Seating Areas

For family room ideas, think about creating an environment that’s as approachable and usable as possible. Often this means adding more seating and rearranging furniture groupings so that they’re as cohesive as possible. Different layouts can facilitate conversation, whereas others can create islands of activity for playing games, curling up with a book, or watching television. Consider how you want your family room to be used, and then add plush, comfortable seating that reinforces your idea for the space. 

  • Less Formal

Formality is falling by the wayside in home decoration, as more people opt for personalized spaces that best represent their interests, passions, and lifestyles. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t have a formal dining area if you want one. But if a library or craft room is more your style, then feel free to restyle and reimagine traditional spaces to create a joyful environment you’ll use every day. 

  • Luxe Minimalism

When done right, luxe minimalism doesn’t have to feel moody or aloof. Spare, clean lines meet plush textures to create a space that feels bright and airy—emphasizing architectural elements like ceiling height and sweeping staircases allow furnishing to take a backseat in the room. Monochromatic palettes feel peaceful, allowing the space to speak for itself. In luxe minimalism, less is more, but what remains is of the best quality and most elegant placement. 

  • Natural Light

The importance of natural light in home decor can’t be overstated. In any house, ideas about how and how often a room gets used often come down to the kind of lighting available in it. Natural light taps into our circadian rhythms, heightens our serotonin, provides warmth and has natural anti-bacterial properties. The strategic placement of mirrors, polished surfaces, and glass can help amplify the amount of natural light that a room gets throughout the day. Installing skylights can also brighten a room, making it a more appealing place to spend time. 

  • Combining Contrasting Colors

Unusually, Pantone named two colors as Color of the Year in 2021. One, called Illuminating, is a bright, zippy yellow, and the other is Ultimate Grey, steady and soothing. The two colors in conjunction evoke a cheery, bright optimism backed by thoughtfulness and practicality. While you may or may not want to use these specific shades, try combining unexpected color pairings to make a room stand out. Backed by steady neutrals, brighter shades can add excitement without taking over a space. 


Home and decor go hand in hand in 2021 and beyond. Finding the right furnishings, layout, and color schemes for every room can help make your house feel like a home, and you feel most in your element. To raise the bar in any room in your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to PEDINI Miami kitchen designer and discover chic, sophisticated solutions to any design conundrum.